Design the Details

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Whether you're looking to flip your first investment property or you’re a homeowner in need of some direction on how to spruce up your home…here’s where we suggest you begin. For starters, decide what color tones you plan to use. Chrome hardware, maybe bronze…are you going with gray walls or beige? Ask yourself these questions. We stay neutral and try to appeal to the masses. So, for us we choose to go gray or beige. You won’t see any crazy colors from us.  It’s SIMPLE, QUICK and NEUTRAL. The 3 elements we try to adhere to. 

Simple Touches

  • Paint The Walls & Trim. Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint (try SW-Worldly Gray or BM–Shaker Beige) will refresh the house and is an inexpensive way to redecorate. Don’t forget the trim (try BM- White Dove) brightens the outline and makes it pop.

  • Replace the Knobs & Pulls. Update your home with new hardware. Use Chrome for that clean shiny look or warm up the house with some oil-rubbed bronze. This is a relatively cheap way to upgrade the cabinets in the kitchen & bathroom.

  • New Lighting. Grab some new Chandeliers, Vanity Lights or Outdoor sconces for a simple yet cost effective way to change the look of a room or exterior of the home.

Neutral Upgrades

  • Spruce up the Flooring. First impressions are everything. Adding new carpet, refinishing dull hardwoods (try a new stain color on them) and adding new tile is a great way to sprinkle the house with fresh elements that bring new life to the property.

  • Upgrade the Countertops. If you can’t replace the cabinets at lease replace the countertops. Adding a fresh slab of Marble, Quartz or Granite will bring your kitchen into the modern day. No one can see past the look of Formica so spend the money and make those countertops a show stopper. Choose slabs that are neutral in color with little movement...don’t get too custom or busy here…the goal is to update in order to appeal to more buyers not showcase your personal love for galaxy blue! 

  • Create Cohesiveness. If you change your hardware to Chrome then stick to that throughout the house, no need to get creative and mix too many materials. The idea is to create a space that flows and showcases some sort of theme. Bronze knobs in the kitchen then bronze finishes everywhere, including and not limited to door knobs, hinges, lighting & faucets. BE CONSISTENT! 

Quick Tips

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  • Paint Colors. It’s okay if the whole house is one color. The great thing about it is that it makes for easy touch-up, you can reduce the color to make it lighter or increase for a darker look…this creates a custom color simply by using the same base. For instance, in the entire house we may use (SW-worldly gray) but on the ceiling we will reduce that same color by 50%. Same color different look. And, don’t forget paint looks different in every room even if it’s the same color. The lighting plays off the color and can make it appear to look completely different. Stick to one tone, its quick and change up the sheen if you want. Eggshell goes best on walls (in our opinion).

  • Curb Appeal. Paint the front door. If you are dying to throw some color on the house and want a little pop then go crazy on the door. Black, Red, Navy Blue or Espresso...these all work beautifully with the neutral palette we’ve laid out for you. Don’t forget to grab a pre-arranged bucket of flowers for either side (or both sides) of the door! It’s the perfect way to compliment your new front entry!

  • Add Texture to a Wall. A great way to create a more designer feel inside your flip or home is to add an accent wall with some texture. No wallpaper needed. Create a shiplap backdrop using MDF (paint it the color of the trim, we suggest BM-White Dove) It looks expensive (but, it’s affordable). Grab some sheets of wainscot from the big box hardware store and install around the dining room, or for a fun look add it in the powder room and cover the entire wall with it (from the base mold to the crown) and paint it out as you would the trim.

Our goal is to quickly update, simply pull together and neutrally appeal to a wide audience when flipping homes…these ideas and inspirations are what we have found to work for us. We hope we’ve at least given you a starting point to begin your home flipping journey or motivation to get your home updated the way you’ve always wanted too!