2017 Inspired Us And So Did These Blogs

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We can't believe it's already the new year! It's been an amazing year and we are so excited for what the new year will bring! 

On this week’s blog we are going to be sharing some of our favorite blogs that inspire us. When you're flipping a house or making renovations on your own home, blogs are an amazing tool to get information and also design inspiration. We hope they inspire you too! 

Rooted KC

Rooted KC is a beautifully modern blog where you can follow along with the flipping journey and see some really amazing transformations! Lanie also shares design tips, what inspires her, and whats currently trending. This is a great resource for a trendy, clean, modern style home flipper! 

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Curbed is a really fun and helpful blog that shares design inspiration and trends from all over the world. It’s so fascinating to see what’s popular in other areas of the U.S. or internationally, and it can really help you form your style. While this blog shares a lot of helpful information about the house industry, it’s really a great way to keep up with current trends! 


That Flipping Couple 

This blog is a fun and casual way to follow along this couples flipping journey! They share some really helpful details and information about the business side of flipping houses, and what works for them. Their detailed photos of their process also is so helpful and keeps us inspired knowing that even the worst home has potential! 

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This is a really cute blog with absolutely beautiful interior design. Coco’s blog shares some really fun designs that are great to pull inspiration from! She uses fun pops of color and bold designs to add design to very simple spaces. It’s fun to see what a simple fix like a patterned backsplash can do for the style of your kitchen. If you’re looking for a beautiful blog with a personal touch, this is the blog for you!

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Lark and Linen

Lark and Linen is a beautiful interior design blog. What’s fun about this blog is that it not only shares amazing interior design and decor inspiration, it also is a fun lifestyle blog with cooking and style tips! Lark and Linen is a great place to help make your house feel like a home.

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Little House On The Corner

This hilarious blog is a fun couple sharing their flipping journey. They share the honest truths of what its like to flip a house! This blog is a great resource for some realistic inspiration of projects and design that you can make happen!

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Young House Love

This is a really fun blog by a couple who shares their house flipping and DIY projects. They have a beautiful sense of style and really helpful tips to ease your DIY process, and they also share some really fun lifestyle posts! 

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We hope you enjoyed checking out some of these amazing blogs. Hoping you all are just as excited about the new adventures that 2018 will bring!