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Seattle’s current real estate market shares a lot of similarities with a new moving company called HiveBoxx: It’s hot and heating up, it’s perfect for sellers looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to move after buying or selling their home and it’s flipping Seattle’s moving scene on its’ head. This startup officially launched in the winter of 2016 and it hasn’t stopped Seattle ‘moving’ ever since.

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In order to take some of the stress out of your next move, here are a few tips from HiveBoxx. Since they’re the moving experts everyone’s calling, their tips may just make your next move a whole lot easier and possibly even fun! Who knows, you may even help save a few bee’s too.

With so much moving going on today (thanks to a strong, local economy supported by tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft and other big employers like Starbucks), HiveBoxx is as busy as ever helping new residents throughout Seattle. Today, they’re busy hiring new worker bees (aka - staff members) in order to keep up with the demand of new residents buzzing their way into the Seattle area all while maintaining an active approach to seamlessly incorporating new lifestyle services (i.e hive essential cleaning, hive butler and retail delivery/assembly service) and products (i.e. hive essentials kits) to facilitate the entire moving experience.

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Everybody moves, so why not make every move count towards something that affects us all: helping protect our environment,” said Wesley Rankin, HiveBoxx’s founder and CEO. “We see every HiveBoxx move completed as one more honey bee saved. Over time, we see our company’s products and services having a profound effect on a resurgence of honey bees everywhere through the awareness we generate and the funding we’re able to make to causes working to solve this issue.

Tip 1 - Rent reusable boxes instead of cardboard boxes. Moving can be expensive and using cardboard boxes is a big reason why. They collapse, get wet, need assembling and you’ll most likely use them only once. Our plastic boxes are reused instead of being remade, meaning we can pass those savings onto you. Using a reusable box instead of cardboard will not only protect your goods, but it will also help protect the environment.


Tip 2 - Label Boxes. The unpacking process will be so much easier if you label your boxes according to each room in your home.

Tip 3 - Pack one room at a time. Avoid mixing up things from different rooms in the same box. This will make unpacking less time consuming as you settle into your new home.

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Tip 4 - Pack small items in brightly colored tissue paper. Wrapping small items in brightly colored tissue paper before placing them in boxes will help ensure they don’t get lost as you pack them away.

Tip 5 - Pack a “First Night” box. Pack a box of items you use during the last few days in your old house and the first few days in your new home. Make sure it’s the last box you load on the truck so it can be the first box off.

Let us pack your "First Night" box for you. HiveBoxx partnered with top eco-friendly and technology-forward brands to create a custom pre-bundled Hive Essentials Kit perfect for your fresh start. Our Hive Essential Kits are perfect closing and housewarming gifts.


HiveBoxx Essential Kits contain eco-friendly home products from brands like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation and Full Circle Home. Kits are available for your bathroom, kitchen or whole home. All kits are delivered in a keepsake HiveBoxx container.

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We know how hard it is to move to a new home or even remodel your current home. So use these tips and others to make the experience of moving a lot more memorable.

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HiveBoxx is a moving company in Seattle committed to helping to save the bees and providing an eco-friendly solution tailored to your moving needs. Click here to learn more about HiveBoxx and their services. Not moving soon, but want to support their mission to save the bees? Head over to their shop page to snag a few items for your hive. A portion of those proceeds go directly to their mission.

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