3 Steps to Start Your Design

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Designing a home, or re-designing a home (in our case) can be overwhelming. Where to start is one of the hardest parts. With a plethora of information out there, thousands of home design blogs and ideas to inspire you…choosing the right direction can get confusing. Fear not as we have narrowed it down to 3-Easy Steps. We start from the ground up with our 3 most important focal points. This is a great way to build your design and implement the most important parts of your design (according to us). 


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The FLOORS! Choosing the right flooring is essential. It’s one of the largest surfaces in the home and what you pick sets the tone for the entire design. The floors give the home an anchor on which to rest your design. We always begin by choosing a hardwood. Here’s where more decisions come into play…staying on trend and creating a floor that’s timeless is a must. Take your time and make sure you put effort and forethought into your selection. High traffic areas scream to be covered in hardwood…its clean lines run seamlessly throughout, it’s easy to maintain and adds an earthiness to the design. 


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The COUNTERTOPS! The soul of the home is in the kitchen and the countertops cannot be neglected. Choosing the right surface to blanket your cabinets is the second most important decision you’ll make. Choose wisely. Here’s the run down…The coveted Marble…it’s classic, timeless and commands a fresh bright design to go along with it. Granite…very traditional and lends to a warmer tone and homier feel and Quartz…a simple contemporary look with less movement and smooth texture. Whatever you decide, make sure to stay neutral in your selection. You want your counters to stand out because they’re beautiful not because they’re an eyesore. 


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We aren’t talking about the vases, the coffee table books or even the throw pillows…for us it’s all about the LIGHTING! We call this element the jewelry of the home. Now that the floors are laid and the countertops have been chosen, it’s time to light the place up. These small yet crucial pieces showcase and illuminate the floors and countertops. Simple pendants above an island, a sparkling chandelier above the dining room and a perfectly stylish glass dome light in the breakfast nook will command attention. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab people’s attention and make them fall in love with a light fixture.


Floors, Countertops and Lighting…this is our secret to starting the design process. When people walk in you want them to be taken aback by the beautiful floors underfoot, you want them to gush over the beautiful slabs blanketing the kitchen counters and most importantly you want them to see all the gorgeous details that make your house a home so…light-it-up and the rest of the design will follow.