Flipping Seattle On King 5 News


Back in April we were given the opportunity to showcase what we do and how we do it on our local news channel. It was quite the experience and a bit more challenging than we thought. It’s amazing how when someone asks what we do, we wind up spending an hour explaining and rambling on and on about all the houses we are flipping, what’s getting demo’d and how many kitchens we pick out in a month….that is…until the red light comes on and you are all mic’d up and suddenly forget what the hell you do every day. Haha! Let’s just say it took a good minute to warm-up and start rambling. Check the segment out, take the tour, have a laugh and watch as my own husband tries to “throw me under the bus” at the end! Enjoy!


 Check out a few “before” pics and behind the scene shots! 

fs blog king 5.png