Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Getting your house ready to sell cover.png

Capitalize on the “Curb Appeal”…

You only make a first impression once, so focus on the exterior appeal of your home! Make people want to come in and leave them wanting to come back.

Don’t neglect the small things. Mailbox area, sidewalk (if you have one) and lighting.

Keep hedges and bushes pruned and trimmed. The cleaner the outside is a great indicator of a   well maintained interior. 

Make sure your flower pots are planted with bright vibrant blooms & hoses are kept coiled or put away.

Clean those walkways, driveways and porches. Presenting a tidy frontage is key. 

Touch-up any chipping paint, give the garage doors a fresh coat or stain. Make sure your front door is nicely painted as well. Maybe a great place to pop some color into the design. Nothing says “welcome home” like a beautiful front door.

Make sure all gutters are intact, chimney is free of moss and roof is clean and looking sharp.

“Declutter” before showing your home…

Buyers like to envision themselves living in your home, so take down the family photos and hide the dirty laundry. Giving the appearance that the home is staged helps potential homebuyers to see the space in all its glory. Sorting, storing and getting down to basics makes life a whole lot easier when having to show spur of the moment. Grab your keys, turn on the lights and hide the rest in the cupboards. Take a nice 30 min walk around the neighborhood and let the home sell itself!

Clean off those countertop’s and put the toaster away, bust out the Clorox wipes and leave the counters free of clutter and unnecessary rubbish. Expose the marble, granite or quartz and let the kitchen sparkle. 

Giving the bathrooms a deep clean will make your life easier once you’re home goes on the market. Keep “show towels” handy to throw on the counter and keep all toothbrushes, paste and shampoos under the sink or in a caddy that you can grab quickly and tuck away.

Light bulbs, check. Covers on smoke detectors, check. Windows washed inside and out, check. Sometimes it’s the small stuff people notice the most, don’t give them any reason to not love your home!

Allow the light to shine through…keep window drapes open and cleaned, dust off the wood furniture and open up the blinds. If you can’t see out no one can see in! 

Smells leave a lasting impression and so do stains and keep your home free of both by steam cleaning the carpets, mopping the floors and keeping the vacuum handy is a must. And, remember just because you love the smell of incense, perfume and orange blossom candles does not mean others will! (Use sparingly and not right before a showing!)

Healthy living is what it’s about. If you smoke, take it outside. If you have pets, make sure you keep their areas and your yard clear of waste. Nobody wants to inhale leftover smoke while stepping in___!

If the wall is in need, touch-up the paint. Repainting the trim goes a long way in making a space look fresh. Don’t be afraid to cover up that purple wall with a nice neutral tone that will appeal to the masses. Its okay, the buyer won’t mind! 

It’s also a good idea to leave some blank wall space. What we mean here is, don’t feel obligated to hang a picture on every open wall. Less is more, and you don’t want to mess up those freshly painted walls now do you?! 

Keep a basket nearby or in each of the rooms, especially if you have kids for a quick pick-up prior to showings. Grab everything off the floor, throw in basket and stow it away in the closet. You can come home dump the baskets back out and feel like all is right in the world again.

Decluttering and staging your home for sale and showings doesn’t have to cost you much money. You probably already have all the supplies you need sitting in the garage or closet. The point here is to de-personalize the space, present a well-manicured environment and open your house up for business. It’s like putting on your lipstick or brushing your hair before a big date…you want to look your best….and so does your home! Clean it, mop it, wipe it, prune it, paint it, and mow it and any “IT” that you think needs” IT”...Just our two cents!