7 Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Flip

7 Ideas for your next bathroom flip.png

We’ve all been there...you just moved into your new house (which happens to be someone’s old house) and you can’t wait to get your “demo on” tearing out that old dated bath. We have seen some really, and I mean really terrible bathrooms along the way and we are here to help you see the light at the end of that bathroom renovation!  

   Let's Tile

   • Bring in New Tile for Tub/Shower Surround. 

   • Spruce up the Flooring. 

   • Add a Backsplash or Wainscot. 

   • Replace Countertop


Fixture Fixes

   • Replace Knobs/Pulls. 

   • Install New Vanity Light.  

   • Add New Towel Bars or Hooks.  



Quick Tips

   • Tile to the Ceiling. If you want to create drama in your bathroom make sure to take your tile from the tub deck or shower floor all the way to the ceiling. This draws the eye up and makes the ceilings appear taller.  

   • Wainscot. Using tile around the wall of the bathroom gives a designer element to the room. We usually take it up about 36 inches from the base molding and top it with a chair rail. 

   • Light & Bright. Make the bathroom feel open and airy by using a lighter paint tone. We use an eggshell finish…this gives the walls a hint of sheen without being glossy. 


Whatever bathroom renovation you are faced with…we hope we can inspire you to create a space that shows off your renovation skills, creates a timeless design and provides more value to your home!