Copy the Look: Mercer Island Kitchen

Copy the look-mercer island kitchen cover.png

Need kitchen inspiration for that remodel you’ve always wanted do? This is one of our favorite kitchen’s to date. Seriously…Look at how gorgeous those pendants are hanging above that gorgeous slab of honed Carrara marble. Keeping things neutral and bright with a tone on tone color palette played out well in this fully stocked kitchen. 

        •Choose simple lighting that doesn’t obstruct your view while dining at the island. 

       •Be sure to place appliances correctly to create an even flow for easy use and functionality.

       •Use the backsplash as a statement piece if you’re looking for a space to be creative or add texture.

       •Make sure your island is equipped with room for seating…after all, this is where people conjugate. 

       •If and when possible always try to make your island one slab to avoid seams. 

This wide planked hardwood is dreamy. Giving the kitchen an organic feel is what warms up the coolness of this particular design and these wood floors did just that. The subtle ivory undertones blended well with the grayish-beige walls to pull the entire room together.

       •Staging the kitchen is a must

       •If you’re looking to add some bling make sure your faucet stands-out. (splurge)

       •Beautiful hardware is like the jewelry that polishes off the look. Chrome shines! 

       •We prefer to go for the honed stone on the countertops. No glare less shine.

       •Avoid adding the kitchen command centers…desks are for the office! (tip of the day)

Anytime we can add a design element (like these fun wood floating shelves) we do! You want your kitchen to be functional yet stylish. We prefer to not showcase the microwave so… this handy drawer style one is easily tucked away into the island. No need for long runners here, we want to showcase that natural wood floor (plus it’s easy to sweep, Swiffer, and mop-up). This huge island commands your attention, if you have the space we say the bigger the better. Prep sinks are a must have (again, if you have the space) and be sure to include a show piece faucet here, too! 




Some of our favorite looks to incorporate in the kitchen for inspiration:


The kitchen is the heart of any home, we hope this has inspired you and given you some ideas on where to begin with your design!