Kitchen Transformation


This is the aftermath of what a new kitchen can do for a space. With beautiful marble countertops, gleaming stainless appliances and a jaw dropping backsplash it will be hard for someone not to fall in love the minute they walk in! Kitchens don’t have to be overly fancy, they just need to be fabulously chic and usable. After all, your kitchen is the heart of the home and will most certainly be the most used room in the house. Make it an inviting area that draws people in…can’t you see yourself here baking cookies, reading the morning paper or plopping your bum up on the counter while you eat ice cream straight from the carton while contemplating the day’s events.

Meals aren’t the only thing made in the kitchen…PROGRESS is as well, and we spared no time when getting this kitchen completed! If you’re lucky you won’t have to rip out walls and install new load bearing beams (as in the case of this wonderfully open concept design). We are just as amazed at the transformations as the viewers who can’t believe the before/after shots. That’s why we decided to work backwards when posting this KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION….Who doesn’t want to skip straight to the final product (we spared you the suspense, you’re welcome!) Now that you’ve gotten a look at how this kitchen remodel came to be let’s go back to the beginning. Unfortunately, we were a little late in capturing the original kitchen before our demo crew came in and went to town but….Here’s a look at the exposed beams, lovely dropped ceiling and the tight space that once housed this kitchen. 

Before the kitchen can become your dream it must first become your nightmare…and we mean that literally! Once you start opening up walls, tearing out cabinets and exposing beams…the kitchen can quickly become one of the most expensive places in the house! But, that’s not a bad thing….it is also the one room that promises a great return on investment. So, when in doubt always tackle the kitchen...if it’s dated, in need of some love or still adorned with old oak cabinets and Formica counter-tops you can rest assured it’s time for a makeover!  Happy Cooking Everyone.