Let's Talk Curb Appeal


This weekend like most, we found ourselves driving around different neighborhoods looking at houses. This was not a mission, but rather something we do for fun! So, we packed up the kids, grabbed some snacks and drove around aimlessly, we stumbled upon some beautiful homes and others that weren’t as fortunate. We strive to make sure the homes we flip, renovate and build capture the buyers attention from the moment they drive-up. The beauty that hides behind overgrown shrubs, outdated colors and dilapidated roofs is what we seek to find. We truly believe each house can make a great first impression with a little work. Seattle has some absolutely amazing neighborhoods that go unnoticed because the homes are run-down, neglected and abandoned. Giving these homes their curb appeal helps in revitalizing neighborhoods one house at a time. 

Capturing the Curb Appeal

We drove by a house in the north end of Seattle and it was surrounded by an eclectic group of other homes. Seattle is very diverse in style and what this home lacked in curb appeal it made up for in charm. The first things we look at when assessing the exterior are the landscape, roof and exterior façade.  Making sure these items are addressed will make all the difference when trying to create a new look or update an old one. Don’t’ let the home be an eyesore on the street, make sure it stands out because it’s eye-catching! 

10 Things to think about and implement in your Curb Appeal

1. Paint the front door

2. Remove all dead trees and/or shrubs

3. Mow, blow and edge the lawn

4. Clean the roof, gutters, and slap a fresh coat of paint on the trim

5. Wash the windows

6. Add fresh flowers to the garden spaces and Prune all existing shrubbery

7. Add flower pots on both or either side of the front door (think symmetry when doing this)

8. Pressure wash all hard surfaces (walkways, sidewalks, driveways, patio)

9. Spruce up the mailbox

10. Update the exterior lighting or add landscape lighting

First Impressions are Everything

We all know that a good first impression can make or break things… and in real estate it means everything. If people are turned off before they even step foot outside of the car then grab the list above and get to work!  It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression so we aim to make a good one. This is that rare instance when the outside beauty is just as important as the beauty within…make your home memorable by making it look good on the outside too!