Making Your Entryway Stand Out

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Entryways are the first impression of inside of a house, and especially in the holiday season, its so important that it creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. This is the space where you greet your guests, family, and friends. And aside from the curb appeal, this is the place where a homebuyer will begin immediately feeling out the house and the way it feels. It’s a place to showcase the style of the house. When we flip our houses, we try to create a space for your entryway that speaks to the rest of the house and also feels welcoming. 

Here are a few ways that we love to create those first impression moments! 

Statement Staircases

What can make your entry way stand out better than an epic and beautiful staircase?! If you are building your house from scratch, definitely consider designing the staircase of the house to begin in the entry way. It’s a perfect way to create immediate drama and style when you first enter the house. These showstoppers will have guests and homebuyers immediately blown away when that door opens.  Now obviously, this has to do with the layout of the home, but if you’re lucky enough to have this feature, make sure you draw attention to it with gorgeous railing—click here to read more about how we love to design out stair railing!

Another thing that we love about this is that the staircase creates beautiful vaulted ceilings, which is perfect for some statement lighting. It’s fun to throw up a modern and unique chandelier, or put up some fun wall light sconces to full up that empty wall space.


Welcoming French Doors

Who doesn’t love a grand entrance?! French doors amp up any entry way no matter the size of the house! These fun doors look great on a large home and pair well with the fun staircase look we just talked about, but also can look stunning on a smaller home. Doors add so much to the entry way. A pair of beautiful wooden doors can give the space that classic look, or a cool pop of color and some windows can give it a fun trendy look. It’s also just so beautiful way for homebuyers and guests to enter a house. 


Simple Open Floor Plans

This works so well for smaller or single level houses! It really opens up the space when the entry way opens right into the living room. A fun feature that adds a lot to the design of the space is that receding space with the door. With smaller homes, it can be hard to find a way to create a welcoming area, but by doing something as simple as knocking down some walls and opening up the entryway, it then allows you to enter the home in the coziest room of the house; the living room! It’s a great way to give immediate hospitality and warmth to what could have been a closed off, pointless space. Bonus points for a fun fireplace! Click here to our post about how we love to design our fireplaces.