Bathroom Inspiration

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Bathrooms are easy to neglect when flipping your house, but its important that your bathroom feels cohesive with the look and feel of your home. If its a master bath, you want it to be a serene and peaceful place with that gorgeous bathtub and vanity. If its your main floor bathroom that the guests will use, you want it to be a place that speaks to your style! Here are some of our favorite bathroom flips to inspire you to create a beautiful and tasteful bathroom.

How beautiful is this master bath in our Mercer Island new construction?! The natural light over the bathtub is so beautiful and draws you into that corner. All of the white and marble tile work and counter top give this space an open and sophisticated feel. The glass shower also really opens up the room. We also love the giant mirror over the double vanity. An oversized mirror makes a huge difference in a bathroom and really opens up the room.

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We are loving this bathroom in our North Bend flip! It is so modern and has that trendy touch with the fun circle mirrors and that gorgeous counter top! One way to for sure make your bathroom pop for your guests is to keep it trendy. Having that clean and minimalist-modern look that is so in right now will have people obsessing over your bathroom! This shade of grey on the cabinets is also a fun and bold way to create some style in your bathroom.

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Clean and classic is always a great way to go! This bathroom uses neutrals to create a really peaceful space. Those white cabinets are so timeless and will never go out of style, but with the modern hardware it really stays current and clean. This counter top is very subtle and blends well with the neutral theme of the space. Those large square mirrors with the thick frame bring that modern touch that helps this bathroom have some fun touches of style and design. 

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You really can’t go wrong with a good dark wood cabinet and granite countertop in the bathroom. This style can give any dull bathroom a fun update. The dark is so stunning and eye catching, but having that nice beige wall color really brings a nice sense of balance to this space and gives a neutral base for the other fun elements to shine. This bathroom also matches perfectly with the kitchen in this house.

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