How to Give Your House Personality

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Kitchen accents

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One thing we loved about this kitchen are those floating shelves. The reclaimed wood brings in an organic feel to the space and tons of warmth against those subway tiles. This house is sleek and clean with sharp lines, bright white materials and offers a stunning backdrop for your personal touches. It’s a great selling point to create a fun accent that makes the buyers go “wow”! These shelves were an easy and fun way to create instant style! And, inexpensive as well. Add a decorative plate or some succulents to these shelves and you’ve just personalized your kitchen. Mixing materials by bringing in some vintage elements helps to tone balance out the style while increasing its appeal. 


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Another accent we LOVE are little built in nooks. This mud room is a really great way to give your house a personal feel. Nooks also help buyers envision how they could make that space their own. Whether it’s a reading area, a place for your kids to store their school stuff or for much needed storage space, Nooks add character to just about any room!  

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It’s also fun to add built-ins to a family area. It really pulls a room together without any effort on a home owners part, and also adds extra storage. Entertainment center built-ins are great because they eliminate the need for an extra piece of furniture, creates a more seamless look and allows for tons of display shelves and hidden cupboards. And, it makes watching football just a little cozier!  

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Speaking of football afternoons, how PERFECT is this built-in outdoor grill! This is an excellent way to add a fun touch to your yard while creating the perfect entertaining area. It also gives it that wow-factor for buyers because it’s so easy to envision yourself enjoying a Sunday afternoon with your friends and family. We love helping the buyer envision the true potential of a house, and nothing does that better than a killer built-in grill. 

Wall Texture

ship lap.png

This one is obvious. Ship lap is crazy popular these days (thanks to Fixer Upper), but we loved being able to add that fun rustic touch to this house. It takes an average white wall and turns it into a focal point for the room. It’s an easy way to give your house that character it might be lacking. The great thing about this application is that it can go anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to just one room. Add it to your ceiling, in a staircase or even behind your bed. Either way, you can’t go wrong!  

Entry Way Focal Points

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This is so fun and really takes this entryway to another level. An easy space to customize and bring personality to. Create your space by adding those elements that catch people’s eyes. Maybe it’s for a fancy vase to give it that sophistication, or maybe it’s for photos of your family and loved ones, or maybe it’s the perfect spot for that modern art piece. Whatever you end up doing with this space, make it inviting, after all it’s the first space your guest see when they enter the home.  

Laundry Room Essentials

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Laundry rooms are usually the last place you want to spend your time in, but the truth is we have too! So, why not make that space great by adding cabinetry, a fun light fixture, some built-in accessories such as ironing board, drying racks or even a cute chair! Great counter tops and even a wash basin help add a touch of coziness to a room we’d rather not frequent.