Let's Talk Floors!


Flooring is SO important. It can truly make or break the style of a room or house. It’s also so important to make sure the floors are cohesive throughout the house. Flooring can be tricky when it comes to a complete look, room transitions, or busy walls. It’s always fun to play with different types of flooring, but remember to keep it simple and tasteful!

Here are a couple of our favorites and why we chose them! 

floors 1.png

How gorgeous are these floors! The dark oak floors really stands out against the light color pallet we chose for the walls and trim. This house has sort of a classic look to it, so the dark floors really give it that final touch of sophistication. These floors also look so beautiful with the wainscoting along the living room wall. Because this house is so light throughout, the dark floors really help balance it out so it’s not too bright. It also gives this house a homey feel with the thinner planks as opposed to wide, modern planks. And how gorgeous is that master bedroom fireplace against the dark wood! 

floors 2.png

Here is a great example of how we used a different flooring for the kitchen than the dining and living room. We used that beautiful dark oak floors for the living and dining areas, and _____ for the kitchen floor. The cabinets are beautiful and dark brown, so the lighter flooring really balances out the feel of the kitchen and goes really well with the backsplash and countertops. The living room floor carries on that rich brown throughout the house and creates a cohesive theme. This house has a little bit more of a cozy layout, and so the dark brown really pulls out the modern aspects. If two different types of flooring touch, like the photo on the left, its best to have them contrast and compliment each other, rather than two light colors next to each other. It also creates a space with a defined eating area that might be right up against the kitchen, but has that nice sense of separation by changing the flooring. 

House 3.png

In this Mercer Island house we LOVE this matte wood look. The distressed wide plank Oak floors are gorgeous and look so modern and clean. It adds a feel of luxury to this home, really makes the white cabinets and white trim pop. Its also a look that carries well into each room. You want the floors in your house to stand out and make a statement, and what better way to do it than this gorgeous matte Oak. There is a lot of natural light in this house, as well as the white walls, trim, cabinets, and backsplash, so the matte does a really great job of muting the light to a nice glow.

We also are loving the floor of this bathroom! How can you not adore that white marble. There is a lot of grey going on in this bathroom with the Carrara subway shower and the marble counter tops, so the clean white floor gives it that perfect balance. With such beautiful tile work and counter tops, you wouldn’t want a busy floor to distract from how stunning this look is, but you also don’t want to neglect the bathroom floors, so this is absolutely perfect for a look like this!