Meet the team!


Ann is our resident Real Estate Broker and lead concept designer. It is important to know what elements go into our properties for them to sell quickly and for top dollar. Ann's real estate expertise ensures that our renovations are thoughtfully completed with the buyer in mind. From the gorgeous interior finishes to the sold sign in the front yard, she makes it happen!


Scott started flipping houses in 2000 and hasn't looked back. He's the brains behind the operation here at While his first fix-n-flip cost him more than he made...he wasn't discouraged from doing it again. With several losses came even greater wins and a portfolio that spans all over King County. Scott constantly has a project in the works. He knows what properties are worth investing in and is a successful flipper because of it. His innate sense of what sells leads him to flipping success!  


Brooke comes to us with a background in design and merchandising. To optimize the best and most current trends, Brooke researches and implements new ideas, creates inspirational boards, attends weekly site visits and manages our staging and photography. She plays a critical role in supporting the design team and assisting with vendors to ensure our design visions are successfully executed. 


Demi is our Junior Design Assistant and is helping pave the way for new renovation ideas in each of our properties. She brings a wealth of knowledge and freshness to our flips interior and exterior facades. Her keen sense of style helps ensure the beautiful interiors of each of our projects. Assisting with material selection, budgeting and meeting with vendors for design and quality control are Demi’s areas of expertise. 

Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge and investing success to our flipping team. He is a seasoned investor with a portfolio that began in 2004. His ability to manage multiple projects turning houses into homes is beyond amazing. Stewart takes risks and his rewards are plentiful. He knows the market, he knows how to invest and hasn’t met a property he couldn’t flip!


Nick is our in-house real estate acquisitions manager. He assists in the purchase, sale and renovations of our residential real estate department. With his primary focus on off-market acquisitions, he is able to secure projects. His ability to scout, build rapport with sellers, and close deals make Nick an invaluable asset to our team. His drive and self-motivated style, new ideas and creative strategies bring a fresh new vibe to our growing company.